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Sample image of SACCO customer form design generated by FasterDev

We have over 6 years’ programming experience. We chose the enterprise space and we have delivered multiple of them for SACCOs, Schools, Hospitals, Churches, Restaurants, Property and the usual accounting, inventory, CRM, HRM and Payroll management systems. We thus know that more than 95% of software for business run on databases. So, programmers mostly write code against the databases, and that can take a pretty long time with huge databases.


There is however a pattern that all that coding takes. Usually CRUD, controls on a form for user input/display, for which programmers then write a bunch of codes for validation, UX, etc. We figured that much out.

So we asked: what if we could make a software that gives all that to a programmer, and then we let them do their own customisations? That is, take away the routine cooking and let them focus on the flavours...

That is exactly what we have done. FasterDev has evolved and can now generate code from a database that gives you the form designs, controls, validations and more user interfaces in a matter of seconds. Yes. We have timed it. Currently, Bankopa has 125 tables. We asked FasterDev to create the following items:

·         List forms for displaying records in a table,

·         Detail forms for adding, editing or viewing details of a record in a table

·         Saving procedures, for committing changes to the records to the respective tables, ie, CRUCD

·         Validation of all controls in the respective forms (textboxes, comboboxes, datetime, datagridviews, etc)

·         Search procedures to relevant records

·         User help files

·         Generic list reports and detail report of each table

·         And a few other plug-ins, like SMS, email classes

We requested FasterDev to do all this in one go, and we got all that done in 72 seconds!

Now, that is what we mean by software development. Contact us  for more information...